Positive Thinking – Daily Life

Feb. 13, 2022 by

Here are some tips for positive thinking during your day. When you feel better you think more positive. It helps to have an action plan for your day. As usual you can modify them, just use the ones you want,

Take Charge Of Your Life

Nov. 10, 2021 by

Your Inner Mind (subconscious) can send you cravings, doubts, tiredness, excuses, and many more. Or it can send you motivation, inspiration, energy, confidence  and more good stuff. Here are ways to do this and some have links to their Post. What

Positive Thinking – Visualizations

Oct. 11, 2021 by

While we cannot control our future we can take charge of it. We can influence it. What do you want your future to be? Visualizations can help make it happen. This post contains a two minute booster audio track. We

Positive Thinking – Confidence the PEP Talk

Oct. 5, 2021 by

One part of confidence is knowing that you can do whatever you need to do. As you are successful your confidence grows. You walk taller and feel better about yourself. Stress and anxiety go down. Your life gets better. Today

Positive Thinking – Confidence

Sep. 29, 2021 by

A few years ago I got a dose of not having confidence in one area when I realized my drivers licensee expires on July 10 and I had to pass a written test. It just hit me hard for a

Positive Thinking – Talking To Yourself

Sep. 26, 2021 by

We want to add positive suggestions to our Inner Mind (subconscious).Here are some guidelines for doing that. General Principle of the Inner Mind: If the Positives in one area are stronger your Inner Mind will send you motivation, energy, strength,

Positive Thinking

Sep. 22, 2021 by

Is the glass half empty or half full? If it is half empty you probably see the glass as half full of negative stuff. If it is half full you probably see it as half full of positive stuff.  What

What Is My Purpose?

Sep. 12, 2021 by

Times are tough. Why are we here on this Earth? Today is a good day to reflect on this and start being more positive. Let’s start with some basic purposes. BASIC Be kind Help people Smile Exercise Eat healthy Good

Release Body Tension

May. 25, 2020 by

Many people carry stress in their body. They have areas of their body that are tense. I find my shoulder muscles are tensed many times during the day. I don’t know why they just are. Many people get tense when

What Is My Purpose?

May. 17, 2020 by

Why are we here on this Earth? Today is a good day to reflect on this. Let’s start with some basic purposes. BASIC Be kind Help people Smile Exercise Eat healthy Good sleep Have some fun Sex Take care of

What Can I Do?

May. 7, 2020 by

Last week we talked about “Why did I do it?. Today we will go into “What Can I Do?” instead of doing the bad things like eating too many cookies or not studying or yelling at your wife. It helps

Why Did I Do It?

Apr. 29, 2020 by

Why did I eat ice cream last night. Why did I yell at my son? Why did I drink so much last night? Why didn’t I study yesterday. These are some samples of “why did I do it?’. The first

Have A Good Day

Apr. 13, 2020 by

Everybody wants to have a good day. Here are some ideas to help you have one. Feel free to come up with your own ideas. Visualization – Here are some ideas. a. good memory b. happy place c. have fun

The Power of Intention

Dec. 15, 2019 by

What do you intent to do? This is an important question. It pays to be able to answer it. When you say to yourself your intention it helps you focus on what you intent to do. It will also keep

What’s Going On?

Dec. 8, 2019 by

Many times we go thru our busy day doing everything we need to do however many times we don’t know what’s happening inside of us where we might be stressed out, having cravings to eat, angry, OR we could be

Who Am I?

Nov. 30, 2019 by

How do you treat people? You can be a janitor or a CEO however what counts is how you treat your family, your neighbors, people at work and people you just meet. The better you treat people the better they

Positive Thinking – How To Talk To Yourself

Nov. 15, 2019 by

Your Mind can send you negative thoughts and desires like “I want to eat those doughnuts”, “I’m too tired to go to the gym”, “I won’t get an ‘A’ on my Math exam so I won’t study tonight because I

Positive Thinking – Have More Fun

Oct. 6, 2019 by

Would you like to have more fun? I think most people would. Many people are so busy that fun is not a priority. Having fun has many benefits: feels good, gets you away from all your busy activities, spend time

Positive Thinking – Relaxation

Sep. 28, 2019 by

It feels so good to relax and let the tension and stress of the day go. Relaxation revitalizes you and makes you feel better. Many times you can get inspired and maybe come up with good ideas. And relaxation can

Positive Thinking – Anger

Sep. 22, 2019 by

We all get angry sometimes. The question is what do we do with this anger and do other people suffer. We will look at 2 points of anger: a. right at the time of anger and with the person right

Positive Thinking – Confidence

Jul. 9, 2019 by

Last week I got a dose of not having confidence in one area when I realized my drivers licensee expires and I have to pass a written test. It just hit me hard for a couple of days and I

Positive Thinking – Bad Memories

Jun. 22, 2019 by

I think most people have bad memories which sometimes can be painful and also block your personal growth. Here are some techniques to deal with them. Try them in any ordering one at a time and see which ones help.

Positive Thinking – Grief

May. 16, 2019 by

A reason to grieve can come at any time without any warning. Perhaps a mother dying, getting laid off from work, going to jail, going bankrupt, and many other ways. There is a Therapy way to let go of grieve

Positive Thinking #1 – Intro

May. 6, 2019 by

Positive thinking is about letting go of the negative thoughts in your mind and replacing them with positive ones. It is about seeing the glass as half full and see it filling up during the day. It is about developing

Positive Thinking – mp3 tracks

May. 6, 2019 by

I am a firm believer in listening to the audio tracks and I think they are the place to start. My audio tracks are powerful when used on a daily basis. They will get you motivated, become more confident, overcome