Good Day – Take A Break

May. 16, 2021 by

Tense? Stressed? Break time at work? Let’s take a short break that will relax and refresh you. Everyone needs a break to recharge, reduce stress, to work harder, going home, to relax. This one can be done in less than

Exercise With Self Hypnosis

Apr. 26, 2021 by

Self hypnosis is more than just sitting in a chair and going into trance. It’s about Self Hypnosis In Action. Using self hypnosis at work, home and especially when working out. Get energized before your workout. Tired? Use strong self

Hypnosis#1 – What Is Hypnosis

Sep. 30, 2018 by

Ever wonder what Hypnosis is about and how it can help you? Perhaps you seen a stage show or saw Hypnosis during a movie or TV show and wondered how it works. This Post will explain a lot about how

Hypnosis#2 – Self Hypnosis

Sep. 30, 2018 by

Self Hypnosis really helps you and you can do it yourself and it is free. With self hypnosis you give yourself suggestions to reach your goal, lose weight, or whatever you are working on and also for peace, strength, and