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Get a dose of motivation and inspiration. Here are last weeks tips for Good Day and Weight Loss from my facebook page


GOOD DAY TIP – You can have a better day by helping someone have a better day. What could you do to help one person have a better day? Garry

GOOD DAY TIP  – Most people have stuff weighing them down like money, work, health, bad memories, eating too much, etc. Take a look at what is weighing you down. Close your eyes and clear your mind and ask yourself “What does this stuff look like? I see a big blob on my shoulders. How heavy is it? Give it a number from 1-10 and remember this number and ask yourself “How heavy is it?” whenever you want to. Now ask yourself “What can I do to make it lighter?” Perhaps finding some practical ideas on how to get something done. Or just relaxing your body and mind and imagine them getting lighter and floating away. Or perhaps realizing that your bad memories are part of your past and you wave goodbye to them and look to your present time.. Insights can come at any time. Have a good day. Garry

GOOD DAY TIP – Help someone today anyway you can. Someone at Safeway asked where the paper towels were and I showed her. Yesterday Molly had a tire leak and she didn’t know how to fill it up with air and a nice guy came over and filled it for her. Each day try to help someone and you will feel better. Garry

GOOD DAY TIP – Questions To Reflect On – How am I doing at work? How can I make it better? Garry

GOOD DAY TIP – What do you like to do for fun? Fun is important and can be part of a good day and it can take 5-10 minutes during a break at work. Each day try to have some fun. Garry


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Try this one it’s good for temptations to eat junk/overeat. See yourself at a crossroad in your life and there are two paths ahead. The path to the left is to stay overweight. Look down this path and see your future staying overweight. The path to the right is to lose weight and reach your goal. Now look down this path and see your future at your goal weight. Choose your path. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Sometimes losing weight can be hard. How can you make it easier to lose weight? Think about this today. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How will you look when you reach your goal weight? Daydream about this. What will be different? Think about this today. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How much do you want to lose weight? Name 3 costs of staying overweight. Now name 3 reasons you want to lose weight. Now give yourself a pep talk. I can lose weight. I love losing weight. I look so much better. I have more energy. And I am happier. I lose weight. I promise. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How will you look when you reach your goal weight? How will you feel? Also realize that the whole weight loss regime will be over. And you can keep it off. Garry

COMING THIS WEEK – Updated Positive Thinking Posts

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