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Get a dose of motivation and inspiration. Here are last weeks tips for Good Day and Weight Loss from my facebook page


GOOD DAY TIP – You can see the glass as half full or half empty. If you see it a s half full you will probably see the good things happening and add them to your glass. If you see it as half empty you will probably see the bad things happening and make the glass less that half empty. Either way you see it start looking for the good positive things happening in your life and soon your glass will look more than half full. Positive thinking means you think positive and look for positive things happening. Have a good day. 

GOOD DAY TIP – Sit down in a quiet place and clear your mind and then ask yourself “What’s going on?” and look for one thing that needs help and one thing that is good in your life. Do this often during your day and make a list of what’s good and what needs help. You will get to know yourself better which means you can then start improving these areas. Have a good day.

GOOD DAY TIP – Bad Memories – Having bad old memories pop up? One way is to go back to the beginning of the bad memory and imagine the past event happening in a positive way with a good result so that you feel better about it and will have a better day. Try this a number of times and see how it works for you.  

GOOD DAY TIP – I am sitting at my desk with the window open and a warm breeze is flowing over me from the window. I see the trees outside and I am listening to music and I just finished eating some grapes. Take a few moments to clear your mind and open your senses to your surroundings to taste, to feel, to see, to hear and have a good day.

GOOD DAY TIP – How confident are you? Close your eyes and clear your mind. Ask yourself: on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being max how confident am I? Ask in different areas: work, taking care of family, staying healthy, having enough money, whatever else. 


 WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Struggling? Try this. Start focusing on eating less each day. Maybe eat a lot less or a tiny bit less. It’s usually easier to focus on eating less then to focus on reaching some goal weight. Eat less until you reach the right amount to lose weight and then continue to eat this much. Start telling yourself “I eat less today” through out your day and figure out what to eat less of. Hang in there. You can lose weight.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How do you really feel about being overweight? How will you feel when you lose all that extra weight? You can lose weight. I have no doubt that you can lose weight.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – What can inspire you to lose weight? We know all the ones like being healthier, looking better, having more energy, clothes fit, wanting to impress someone, looking good for a wedding, etc. What we want to do today is to find the one that will inspire you, the one that will motivate you so you eat the right amount of food everyday. Sit or lay down and clear your mind and ask yourself “Why do I want to lose weight?” over and over. Ask the question many times and at different times of the day and you can also write it down. Do this until you get that ‘spark’ and know that this is the one. Now see it happening, daydream about it happening, write it down, whatever works best for you or do all of them. My inspiration has been that my fit body would be an inspiration and advertisement for my Weight Loss classes.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – What’s going on? Ask yourself this when you have desires to eat junk or overeat. We want to find out what is triggering these desires perhaps stress, physical pain, tired, depression, humiliation, just to name a few. Once we find out we want to ask: “What can I do instead of eating”. Many people eat for emotional reasons and we want to find them out and find a better way to deal with them instead of eating. 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Each day you have a choice. You can eat too much and gain weight or you can eat the right amount of food to lose weight. The days add up and you either lose or gain. What is your choice? – You can eat the right amount of food and lose weight. Hang in there.

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