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It’s Sunday and time for more tips to help you reach your goals and be happier. If you would like to get the tips daily go to my facebook page at


GOOD DAY TIP – Bad Memories  Most people have some bad memories which can make you sad and feel bad. So what can we do? Here is a tip – When bad memories come up right away think of a good memory which will make you feel better. Have some good memories ready to go.

GOOD DAY TIP – Today might be a good day to daydream about what you would like to happen. Something like losing 10 pounds. Something like going on a vacation. It doesn’t have to be realistic. Maybe becoming rich or even having world peace. Relax. Let your mind go and daydream all you want. Daydreaming is good for you and makes you feel better. Have a good day.

GOOD DAY TIP – Most people work hard at their job, come home to cooking, cleaning and kids, all of which takes up so much time. Do you take time for any fun during your day? Fun helps balance your life and recharges your batteries. What can you do to have some fun during your day? If you are tight on time find something you can do in 5 or less minutes during your break at work. Have fun!

GOOD DAY TIP – When you wake up say: Today is a good day. I expect good things to happen and I will look for them.

GOOD DAY TIP – Are you getting enough exercise? If yes good job. If not enough ask yourself “How can I can a little bit more?” If none start today and start with light exercise and slowly built up. Exercise has so many benefits that I can’t name them all. 

GOOD DAY TIP – I started a “I Remember” file to record memories, especially good ones and events in my life.They won’t include bad memories. I am 72 years old and when I feel sad about my past I can read one and relive it to have a better day.


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Summer is coming and you could be on a warm sunny beach soon. How do you want to look? Now pretend that you haven’t lost any weight and walk down that beach and see how you look. Now pretend it’s summer and you have lost weight and you are walking down that beach. See yourself now looking so much better, having more energy, and happier.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Struggling? Ask yourself : “Why is it so hard for me to lose weight?” Write it down and then write it again. When an insight comes up write it down and then go on and write the question again. Write question about 10 times. Reflect on any insights. Next write down the question: “How can I make it easier to lose weight?” about ten times. Do this process many times over the next few days until you find enough insight.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Take a look at your weight history since you were a little kid. Now take a good look at the present time you. Next imagine what you will look like 3 months from now after losing weight. You can lose weight. You love losing weight and being happier.  

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Being tired is a big obstacle for many people. When you are tired it is harder to resist any temptations to eat junk or overeat. How big a factor is being tired for your weight loss? What can you do about this? One way is to take mini-breaks maybe a minute or two and daydream about losing weight, walking on a beach in Hawaii, having fun with your family, getting your work done fast and easier, whatever you want.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Is there someone or a group of people you want to impress when you reach your goal? This will increase your motivation.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Being overweight sucks. Name 3 reasons why it sucks for you. Next name 3 benefits of losing weight. Perhaps you can think of this when you have a desire to eat junk or overeat. 

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