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Why do some people see the glass as half full and others see it as half empty? Perhaps the people who see the glass as half full see it half full of good things. Maybe the people who see it half empty see it half empty with bad things. As a person grows up their Inner Mind starts filling up with good memories and bad memories. The good memories help make you more positive and happier. The bad memories if they are not diffused will help make you more negative and sadder.

There are other factors here. Physical health – for example a low thyroid will make you tired, perhaps chronic back pain, or cancer. Mental health – for example being bipolar and depressed. Growing up – Perhaps your family had 9 kids and your father was a janitor and you were poor and parents didn’t have much time to spend with you, maybe a parent was abusive, maybe you were bullied at school, all of these can add up. Perhaps you graduated from college in 1968 and got drafted right away into the Army. There are a lot of negatives that can add up. However these negatives can be diffused so they cause a lot less pain and negativity. Further Posts will deal with this. 


Following is the Hypnosis model of the Mind. There are many others but I like this one because it gives you a way to access the source, your Inner Mind and to make adjustments which allows you to get amazing results in a short time. You can do this yourself with self hypnosis or by going to a Hypnotist.

The conscious mind is the rational and logical Mind. The Conscious Mind is the driver in a car with the Inner Mind the car. You need to steer, to step on the gas pedal and step on the brakes when needed. The Conscious Mind needs to tell the Inner Mind what you what to do and the Conscious Mind can make adjustments to the Inner Mind to get positive results.

Awareness – Your Awareness is usually dominated by your Conscious Mind. It is thinking, seeing, figuring out where to go, what to say, what to do next and more.  It is the driver. The Inner Mind is more in the background automatically doing whatever you need. For example breathing, you don’t tell yourself to breathe each time your Inner Mind does it automatically. 

What’s important here?  What’s important is that it is not 100% Conscious Mind or 100% Inner Mind. Your Awareness can be a mixture of both. For example you are driving and hear a song and wonderful memories pop up into your Awareness from your Inner Mind. Hypnosis brings your Inner Mind into awareness. This can be a lot with Hypnosis or a small amount for Self Hypnosis. 

This means that sometimes people can think positive for example at work and think negative about their weight. It can be fluid. It’s overall which one is stronger the negative or the positive

The Inner Mind is made up of your memories, habits, emotions, imagination, creativity, fun, controls bodily functions and more. This is where the negative thoughts are coming from so we need to learn how it works. Most people call it the subconscious mind and I call it the Inner Mind because so many people have so many different ideas of what the subconscious mind is and what is in it and how it works. Also I think the word ‘sub’ conscious doesn’t apply here. 


Example Weight Loss

The Inner Mind is not rational nor logical like the conscious mind. It does not know what is true or what is false. It doesn’t know whether something is real or not real as in a stage show where the Hypnotist gets a person to quack like a duck. At the time the person thinks he’s a duck and quacks like one. But notice that this does no harm to the person except maybe a little embarrassed afterwards. 

It judges ideas by which one is stronger. It balances +++  positive ideas like “I can lose weight” against  the – – –  negative ideas like “I can’t lose weight”.

If the +++ are stronger it will send you motivation, confidence, ideas, excitement and any desires to eat junk/overeat will be so greatly reduced so you can brush them aside. It will do everything it can to help you lose weight.

If the – – – ideas are stronger it will send you cravings, excuses, stress, tiredness whatever it can to stop you from losing weight. You can still lose weight but it will be a struggle which you may win or lose. 

This is how the Inner Mind operates. So what do you do? We start adding +++ suggestions and removing the – – – ones which means we will go from cravings, doubts, and excuses to being motivated, confident and excited about losing weight and soon reaching your goal weight.

Garry’s Thoughts

Now a person can be negative in one area for example weight loss and be positive overall. It’s more a combination of all the areas that make you positive or negative overall. It can also be fluid perhaps positive most of the time and negative sometime. Why be positive? Positive people are happier, get more done, have more fun, and a better family life. Why use Hypnosis and/or self hypnosis? It’s the fastest and easier method to become positive.


Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis brings your Inner Mind into Awareness so that you can add ++++ and remove – – – –  and make the changes you want. This is how Hypnosis operates. It brings your Inner Mind into your awareness so you can adjust it to stop the bad memories, negative desires or whatever is keeping you negative and to get super motivated, confident, excited, and moving at a fast pace which means you are positive. It help diffuse the negatives and add positives fast and easier than any other method.


Three types of self hypnosis will be taught here: Peace, Strong, ‘relax relax’ self hypnosis. EFT and audio tracks are also taught in sessions and other Workbooks.

Peace self hypnosis relaxes the body and mind and allows your Inner Mind to come into Awareness a little. People experience this during a massage, an engrossing movie at the theater, in a recliner listening to soft music and just before sleep.

Strong self hypnosis energizes your body and mind. I also call it Energy self hypnosis. It brings your Inner Mind into Awareness a little. A little is all we need. Competitive athletes experience it calling it the zone or whatever new term they have. The Conscious Mind can’t think fast enough to do all those fast maneuvers. The Inner Mind takes over and does them after long periods of practice. When you have been driving and suddenly don’t remember driving that’s Strong self hypnosis. It’s great for getting pumped at the gym, while taking an exam, and at work. Anytime Anywhere.

The ‘relax relax’ self hypnosis is used when you are under stress and muscle tension. It sends a wave of relaxation down thru your body. And your stress or tension level goes down and you feel better. Or it can be just used on the one tense part of your body. I have my tension in my face muscles so I just focus on these muscles and say ‘relax relax’ and they relax. 

‘relax relax’ SELF HYPNOSIS

Just repeat the words ‘relax relax’ and feel a wave of relaxation flow down thru your body. And the cravings, stress, anger whatever will go down and you will feel better. You can just focus on the tense area of your body and say ‘relax relax’ and this area relaxes. To start imagine it happening. Takes time.


For Peace self hypnosis you can say ‘at peace’ or ‘relaxing’ or ‘heavy’ whichever you want and use it thorough out the exercise. I use heavy. Can I use it while working? Yes it only takes a few seconds just make sure you are in a safe place.

My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘at peace’ or ‘relaxing’ or ‘heavy’
My chest and stomach are at peace
My back is at peace. I am at peace


My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘strong’ or ‘energized’
My chest and stomach are strong
My back is strong. My legs are strong. I am strong

Notice they are both the same except for one is at peace and the other is strong and Strong adds the legs. Also notice they take your awareness from your mind to your torso. Away from whatever doubts, stress, and desires you may be having. 

For Peace or Strong self hypnosis you have more than one choice of words to use i.e. for strong you can use strong or energized either one is good just use the same one thru out the whole set of self hypnosis.

Example – quit smoking

  • Use Peace self hypnosis
  • My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘at peace’ or ‘heavy’ or ‘relaxing’
  • My chest and stomach are at peace
  • My back is at peace. I am at peace
  • TOOL Imagine the day you quit smoking
  • See yourself jumping with joy
  • \Say: I am free I am free


You can keep your eyes open or closed. Peace is usually closed, strong open, and ‘relax relax’ can be either. First read the self hypnosis script to get an idea of what it is. Then read these lines one by one and follow what is says until you get the script in your head and then let them unfold in your mind. Deep is not needed. 


Picture a tool box. Instead of a hammer and nails you have self hypnosis tools. Tools to be strong, tools to stop the excuses, tools to get answers, tools to get motivated and to stay on track. You can use one whenever you want or need one. Tools for work, school, home, gym, goals, stress, and weight loss. Good Anytime Anywhere. We first do self hypnosis then we use a Tool. 


Tools are about giving yourself suggestions. Here are some guidelines. 

  1. Positive Suggestions – Make them positive, present tense, simple, realistic, add emotions, and repeat them. I can quit smoking. I love being a nonsmoker.
  2. Questions – I love questions. They bring up insight and answers. What’s going on? What can I do? Why do I want to smoke? How will I feel when I become a nonsmoker? Why do I get so stressed out at work?
  3. Anti-Suggestions – True statements about what the consequences of doing something, for example what smoking does to you. The Inner Mind doesn’t consider the consequences so we need to tell it. Smoking can cause lung cancer. Smoking makes my body stink. Smoking burns my lungs.
  4. True Statements about what happens when you quit. After quitting my lungs begin to clear up. After quitting my body smells good again. After quitting I have more energy. 
  5. Instructions – Visualize being a nonsmoker. Say your goal 3 times. What’s going on? Smoking can cause lung cancer. Examples of using the above


  • Say to yourself Peace self hypnosis. Eyes closed.
  • My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘at peace’ or ‘relaxing’ or ‘heavy’
  • My chest and stomach are at peace
  • My back is at peace. I am at peace 
  • Peace flows thru me
  • TOOL See yourself standing on the scale and see it reading your goal
  • TOOL Say your goal 3 times
  • Say: Wake up to a good day   30 seconds or less


  • Say Strong self hypnosis. Eyes open or closed.
  • My shoulders, arms and hands are strong or energized
  • My chest and stomach are strong
  • My back and legs are strong. I am strong
  • Strength flow thru me
  • TOOL Say your Goal 3 times or whatever you need energy for
  • TOOL I am energized and complete my gym workout or whatever you are working on
  • Say Have a good day


You can keep your eyes open or closed. Peace is usually closed, strong open, and ‘relax relax’ can be either. First read the self hypnosis script to get an idea of what it is. Then read these lines one by one and follow what is says until you get the script in your head and then let them unfold in your mind. Deep is not needed. 

NOTE – Everything here are suggestions which you can modify, change, ignore or make up your own. They are also good starting points.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist

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