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The Inner Mind does not consider the consequences of eating too much when it sends us cravings and we are not always consciously aware of them when we eat junk or overeat. We just start eating. This Tool is about teaching your Inner Mind what these cravings are doing to your existence so it will stop sending them. It also makes us consciously aware of the consequences when we eat those fattening snacks.

Many people may remark about how we shouldn’t talk about negative stuff. I believe that knowing the consequences of eating junk or overeating is one way to help remove the cravings. Using EFT is also especially good for this. This concept is one of the tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous.


  • Health issues
  • Harder to walk up stairs
  • Clothes fit tight
  • Big belly
  • Look fat
  • Tired a lot
  • Look older
  • plus more


  1. Make a list like above of why being overweight sucks for you.

  2. Here’s a good one for cravings.

  • Being overweight sucks
  • Rub your belly & think about why it sucks
  • Say: I can lose weight 3 times or I weigh xxx pounds
  • I follow my food plan today or whatever comes up.


The above is a good one to use while when you have cravings. As always you can modify to work the best for you. More at Chapters below.


Why do I eat so much? Why do I snack at night? What’s my next step? Your Inner Mind can give you answers to these questions and other ones and it can provide insight and inspiration. It can give you answers to practical questions like: How can I finish writing Chapter 7? Automatic writing provides a key to unlocking these answers.


Sit comfortably in a chair with a pen and paper. Eyes open.
Say Strong self hypnosis. You can also use Peace self hypnosis.
My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘strong’ or use  ‘energized’
My chest and stomach are strong
My back and legs are strong. I am strong
Take your pen and paper and write your goal at the top. Then start writing your question quickly over and over. When a reason comes up write it down and start writing the question again and again right away.

Why do I eat so much?
Why do I eat so much?
Why do I eat so much?…..stress (write the question again quickly)
Why do I eat so much?
Why do I eat so much?
Why do I eat so much?…..I’m old  (write the question again quickly)
Why do I eat so much?

Why do I eat so much? … worries
Why do I eat so much?
Why do I eat so much?
Now look at these triggers and say: “What can I do instead of eating?” Samples below.

Stress – go to gym or maybe less caffeine or use the Stress Workbook or…..
I’m old – realize you can lose weight but it may take longer or…..
Money worries – visualize money coming, or have faith it will, or realize it’s no excuse to eat too much or…..


  • Why do I want to lose weight?
  • What’s stopping me from losing weight?
  • Why do I snack so much at night?
  • How can I lose weight faster?
  • What is my next step?
  • Are there any benefits to being overweight?

Make up your own.
Your Inner Mind has answers for you. You just need to ask. Insight can come now or later when you wake up tomorrow morning or anytime anyplace. Watch for it


Come up with a few questions like above. Use Automatic Writing to get answers. Here’s your chance to learn why you eat so much. Continue listening to audio tracks and read your Goalsheet.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist


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