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Here are my recent Weight Loss Tips from my google page    You can also get these tips almost daily by following my page.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Reality Check – Take a few moments to rub your belly and feel any fat. Now come to realize that as you lose weight this layer of fat will get smaller and smaller. By eating less you lose weight faster and your belly will get smaller and smaller. Eat less until you are eating the right amount of food to lose 1-3 pounds a week. You can do it. Have a good day.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How is your weight loss going? If it could go better it may be a good time to observe everything you eat. Before you eat anything put it down on a piece of paper or just do it mentally. After a day or two look at how nourishing the food is, get an idea of how many calories, and look for food you can eliminate or eat less of. It’s all right to have a few treats but watch out for a binge. Have a good day.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How much do you want to lose weight? How much do you want the next time you weigh yourself to show that you lost weight. Think about the next time you weigh yourself. Imagine a smaller number come up showing that you lost some weight. How will you feel? You can lose weight. I know you can. Have a good day.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Get motivated. Being overweight sucks. Yes it does. Make a list of all the stuff you hate about being overweight. Health problems, less energy, look fat, harder to tie shoes, and more. Now make a list of all the reasons you want to lose weight. Now imagine yourself losing weight and reaching your goal. You can lose weight. You love losing weight. Yes you love losing weight and you can do it.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Sometimes losing weight can be tough. You want to eat something but it’s not time to eat or you want to overeat at dinner. It’s best to make some low cal treats around but sometimes you just have to tough it out. To help here are a few ideas. Imagine yourself reaching your goal. Or ask yourself do I want to lose weight or gain weight. Or imagine your future staying overweight and then imagine your future losing weight. Here’s a good one try listening to one of my audio tracks on my blog

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Have a good day. Everybody says this but what makes a good day. For people trying to lose weight it can be following your food plan, eating the right food, the right amount, at the right time. When you do this you can go to bed knowing that you had a good day for your weight loss. Just think how much better you would feel?

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