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The day you quit smoking will be one of the best days of your life. It’s time. It’s time to quit smoking. You can do it. Within you is a fire of desire to quit. You no longer want to smoke. You want to quit.


One night I was having a lot of trouble breathing and had pain in my chest. I went to the ER and he gave me something and told me to see my regular doctor tomorrow. I went and he told me I had early stage emphysema. I was only in my late 30’s so I didn’t really believe him but thought he said that to scare me into quitting. He did. I was so scared and in a panic. There was a mental shift and inside I quit. I then went to a Hypnotist and quit. Garry 1981

Many people quit smoking when they are scared of getting something or a doctor said that they had something or will have soon if they don’t quit. What are you scared of? Name any. Many quit for their kids. By quitting smoking you will greatly improve your chances of not getting some horrible disease due to smoking. 


The price of quitting is that you can never smoke again. If you smoke just one cigarette you will become a smoker again and will have to quit once more. The price of quitting is that you may have to put up with some withdrawals for a short period. A small amount of discomfort to become free of smoking. Nicotine gum, patch, whatever can help here.


  • Read and do this while looking at your screen
  • Read the words in your mind and follow the suggestions
  • Say Peace self hypnosi
  • My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace
  • My chest and stomach are at peace
  • My back is at peace I am at peace
  • Take a few moments to look back on my life as a smoker
  • See feel the pain and suffering smoking has caused
  • What does my habit look like?
  • See my life if I continue to smoke
  • See my life if I quit today
  • It’s time to quit
  • I can do it
  • A new person is emerging within me
  • A person that never smokes again
  • A person that is free
  • See feel this freedom
  • Looking backwards I wave goodbye to smoking
  • It’s something I did in the past
  • Today is the day I quit
  • Rejoice
  • Wake up to a wonderful day  

Take time to enjoy your new freedom. I recommend you listen to the audio tracks for a while.


You can keep your eyes open or closed. Peace is usually closed, strong open, and ‘relax relax’ can be either. First read the self hypnosis script to get an idea of what it is. Then read these lines one by one and follow what is says until you get the script in your head and then let them unfold in your mind. Deep is not needed. 

For Peace or Strong self hypnosis you have more than one choice of words to use i.e. for strong you can use strong or energized either one is good just use the same one thru the whole self hypnosis


If you are still smoking remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Quitting is hard. It may take time. Keep listening to the audio tracks, read the Goalsheet, and go thru the Workbook again or you can come in for a booster. Perhaps use nicotine gum whenever you have a craving. You can quit. I know you can. Millions and millions of smokers have quit. You can to.

Sample Action Plan

  • Listen to audio tracks      
  • Read GoalSheet in Morning 
  • Read the Workbook at your own pace
  • Gratitude & Visualizations
  • For Cravings or anytime you want to.
  1. Watch out for them. This is a long time habit. 
  2. Say – STOP! STOP! 
  3. Say – Smoking sucks and name a few reasons why. 
  4. Name a few benefits of quitting
  5. “I can quit smoking and become a nonsmoker”. 
  6. If you smoke then repeat 3, 4 & 5 or do them anytime you want


There will be a period of adjustment of some withdrawals which may last a few days or a few months. Listening to the audio tracks and going thru the Workbook will make it shorter. Then one day you will wake up a nonsmoker and will be free. You will love being a nonsmoker. You will love being free.


I recommend that you continue doing the daily steps for quite awhile to make sure you stay a nonsmoker. How long is up to you.


After quitting you can start improving your life. Think about creating a balance between family, work, exercise, relaxation, friends, … and FUN. Start a good habit, any thing you want. These will help you move on and focus on your new life.

I would like to know your results so please send me an email


Garry Waligore Hypnotist updated Dec 26, 2018

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