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Need help reaching a goal? Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis will help you with the mental part so that you will be motivated, solve any problems, stop the excuses and doubts, and be excited about reaching your goal. This makes it so much faster and easier to do all the practical real stuff you need to reach your goal. 


The Energy Hypnosis Program combines Hypnotherapy and EFT which results in you having more energy to reach your goals and do your everyday activities. More Energy. It uses private sessions, Workshops, mp3 tracks, and the Workbooks. Without the sessions you can still make amazing progress using the mp3 tracks and the Workbooks which use Self Hypnosis and practical exercises to help you reach your goal easier.

Hypnosis is safe and very relaxing and happens naturally while having a massage, during a Zumba class, an engrossing movie, many times during your day. It brings your Inner Mind (subconscious) into your Awareness so you can adjust it to stop the cravings and to get super motivated. After Hypnosis people remark to me on how relaxing it was. 


There are many others but I like this one because it gives you a way to access the source your Inner Mind and to make adjustments which allows you to get amazing results in a short time. You can do this yourself with self hypnosis or by going to a Hypnotist.

The Conscious Mind is the rational and logical Mind. The conscious mind is the driver in a car with the Inner Mind the car. You need to steer, to step on the gas pedal and step on the brakes when needed. The Conscious Mind needs to tell the Inner Mind what you what to do and the Conscious Mind can make adjustments to the Inner Mind to get positive results.

Awareness – Your Awareness is usually dominated by your Conscious Mind. It is thinking, seeing, figuring out where to go, what to say, what to do next and more.  It is the driver. The Inner Mind is more in the background automatically doing whatever you need. For example breathing, you don’t tell yourself to breathe each time your Inner Mind does it automatically. 

What’s important here?  What’s important is that it is not 100% Conscious Mind or 100% Inner Mind. Your Awareness can be a mixture of both. For example you are driving and hear a song and wonderful memories pop up into your Awareness from your Inner Mind. Hypnosis brings your Inner Mind into awareness. This can be a lot with Hypnosis or a small amount for Self Hypnosis. 

The Inner Mind is made up of your memories, habits, emotions, imagination, creativity, fun, controls bodily functions and more. Most people call it the subconscious mind and I call it the Inner Mind because so many people have so many different ideas of what the subconscious mind is and what is in it and how it works. Also I think the word ‘sub’ conscious doesn’t apply here.


Example Quit Smoking

Over your lifetime you have built up habits that affect your goal, for example smoking. Smokers have built up habits around smoking. Some of the smoking is triggered by stress, after eating, walking outside and many other ones and then the habit kicks in. Your Inner Mind is sending you desires, cravings, and excuses to smoke which means we need to work on the Inner Mind to stop sending you these cravings.

The Inner Mind is not rational nor logical like the Conscious Mind. It does not know what is true and what is false. It does not know what is real or not real. Yes it can not tell what is true or false, real or not real. It judges ideas by which one is stronger. It balances +++  positive ideas like “I can quit smoking” against  the – – –  negative ideas like “I can’t quit smoking”.

If the +++ positives are stronger it will send you motivation, confidence, ideas, excitement and any desires to smoke will be so greatly reduced so you can brush them aside. It will do everything it can to help you quit.

If the – – – negative ideas are stronger it will send you cravings, excuses, stress, tiredness whatever it can to stop you from quitting. You can still quit but it will be a struggle which you may win or lose. 

This is how the Inner Mind operates. So what do you do? We start adding +++ suggestions and removing the – – – ones which means we will go from cravings, doubts, and excuses to being motivated, confident and excited about quitting and then actually quitting.


Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis brings your Inner Mind into Awareness so that you can add ++++ and remove – – – –  and make the changes you want. This is how Hypnosis operates. It brings your Inner Mind into your awareness so you can adjust it to stop the excuses, negative desires or whatever is holding you back and to get super motivated, confident, excited, and moving at a fast pace.


Energy Hypnosis combines Hypnosis, Reiki, and EFT which results in you having more energy to reach your goals and do your everyday activities. EFT is an energy therapy and I consider it self hypnosis. Reiki is a connection with the ever flowing light energy of the Universe. Reiki is only used in a private session or workshop as I have to connect with you in person.

What happens during a session? What is Hypnosis like? Read about this in the Self Hypnosis Workbook.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist  updated Jan 15, 2019

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