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The Emotional Freedom Technique is a good way to find out and release the emotional reasons that make you feel anxious, stressed, in pain, eating too much and more. Afterwards these negative emotions will release and you will feel the relief flowing thru your body. Weight loss is a good example. EFT will help you find and resolve the underlying causes of your desires to eat which means your cravings will fade away bringing you peace and allowing you to lose weight fast & easier. EFT is an energy therapy developed by Gary Craig and is now revolutionizing conventional therapeutic thought and astounding many who use it.

EFT is based on the fact that the cause of negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.
How does it work?  It helps you in 4 ways.
1. EFT utilizes the energy meridians of the body. All that is required is to simply focus on the negative emotion or problem and ‘tap’ certain meridian points on the body. This clears any blockages and allows your body’s energy to flow again. And you feel better.
2. Along with tapping we say ‘affirmations’ which talk you thru the process of emotional healing.
3. Images, feelings and insight can come up giving you a whole new insight into what’s really going on.
4. Repeating the tapping process over and over opens up the subconscious mind allowing the affirmations to become stronger and release Mental blocks.
PLUS The real beauty of it is that anyone can learn it and do it at home, at work, most anywhere and it takes only a few minutes.
It works on the body, mind & spirit.

Garry Waligore Hypnotherapy, EFT, Reiki   Novato CA USA

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