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Self hypnosis is more than just sitting in a chair and going into trance. It’s about Self Hypnosis In Action. Using self hypnosis at work, home and especially when working out. Anywhere Anytime. Get energized before your workout. Tired? Use strong self hypnosis. Tense? Use ‘relax relax’ self hypnosis.


Self Hypnosis brings your Inner Mind (subconscious) into your awareness. Your Inner Mind works at lighting speeds like a computer. It can also be programmed like a computer. Your conscious mind is extremely slow. A basketball player’s conscious mind is too slow to do all the moves that you see in a game. A player trains his Inner Mind during practice. That is what he is doing and then goes out and lets his Inner Mind come out and take over under the guidance of the conscious mind.

Competitive athletes have coaches to get them into the ‘zone’ or whatever they call it now. They actually go into strong self hypnosis.


This can be used before your workout to get you pumped up, when you are tired, when ready to quit early, anytime anyplace. It’s simple but takes time to learn. Self hypnosis brings your Inner Mind into your awareness. This does not mean that you have to go deep. Awareness can be part conscious and part Inner Mind. For workouts it’s better this way. Both working together. For more details see posts “How Mind Works”.

Say to yourself or out loud.
My shoulders, arms and hands are strong.
My chest and stomach are strong.
My back is strong. I am strong.
Feel energy surging thru your body as you say this.
We will next put in suggestions about your workout.


Getting Buffed Example. In between sets while working my arm muscles I say: Arm muscles grow bigger and stronger. I see and feel my muscles getting pumped up. Say this for all muscles you work on. Whatever you exercise program is come up with suggestions for yourself. What do you want to happen? As above I want my muscles to grow bigger and stronger so that is what I suggest to myself.


This is great to get energized and ready to work out. You can repeat during your workout anytime.

Open eyes as wide as possible in all directions – open wider
Look upward as high as you can.
Look to the right as far back as you keep – stretch them.
Now to the left.
Keep eyes wide open
Do Strong Self Hypnosis
Workout hard & smart
Takes about 10 seconds

‘relax relax’ SELF HYPNOSIS

This one is great for taking a workout break, to reduce tension in a body part and is especially good for yoga and stretching. Say the words ‘relax relax’ and see feel a wave of relaxation flowing from you head down thru your body. Takes time. Just a reminder you do not have to go deep.


Put all this together and develop a self hypnosis workout for your exercise program.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist   Novato CA


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