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Many people spend a lot of time exercising their body to get fit and stay in shape. Going to the gym, running, swimming, yoga whatever they do. They eat healthy. They work hard and take care of their family. But how many people exercise their mind to keep it working at a high level to help them have a better life? How often do you see online articles about how the Mind works? Self hypnosis is one way to exercise your mind to get a better life. My blog is here to help you develop a more effective mind.


  • Stronger Willpower
  • Get motivated quickly
  • Get rid of doubts
  • Overcome cravings
  • Get Insight
  • Be Confident
  • Have Fun
  • Deal with stress
  • Work, study, exercise at a higher level
  • Live Longer


Self Hypnosis is your conscious mind using your willpower to make adjustments to the Inner Mind (subconscious) to get the above benefits. It is about your conscious mind taking charge of your Inner Mind. When you feel cravings for cookies it will help you overcome them. When you need strength and energy it will help you get these. You can do this anytime anywhere.

The more you exercise your mind by using self hypnosis the stronger your willpower becomes. The stronger your willpower the more benefits you get. This blog will help you set up your own exercise program for your mind.

What’s different about self hypnosis? Let’s look at weight loss for example. Online you can find countless ways to overcome cravings by eating this food or drinking a glass of water before eating or a thousand other ways. All of these are practical ways to lose weight. They will help you. Self hypnosis is different because you go to the source of the cravings and use self hypnosis to remove the cravings. You can do this anytime anywhere.


It contains step-by-step programs to lose weight, quit smoking, reach goals, get buffed, stress and more. It will give you a model of how the Mind works and how you can use it to to live longer, healthier and happier.

Look at the top of blog. Right below the picture of a beautiful mountain lake in black we see the Categories such as Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Audio Tracks. Click on the one you are interested in. The related posts will come up.

Next we have 4 pages underneath 4 pictures. The page ‘Start Here’ is a good place to start.

  • Start Here
  • Live Healthy Live Longer
  • Saturday Workshop
  • What Happens at a Session

Right below that we have the latest post. My creativity comes in bursts. Right now I am updating the posts. Next we have a summary of many other posts which you can scroll thru.


Right now I have 13 audio tracks on this blog. You can listen to them anytime anywhere by clicking on one right here in this blog. There are 2 types: outloud and relax. ‘Outloud’ you can listen to while cooking, cleaning, driving anytime anywhere. It keeps you in normal consciousness but gets you motivated. For ‘relax’ you need to sit or lie down in a quiet area or use a headphone. It takes you into light hypnosis to get you more motivated. Try these tracks and find out how they can help you. Click on category ‘Audio Tracks’.

Below is a outloud audio track which you can listen to anytime anywhere.

A BETTER DAY outloud track



I have private sessions and Saturday Workshops in Novato about 25 minutes north of San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge. I am running a Summer Special of 50% off first session. You will make great progress at the first session or workshop.

Saturday Workshop 11am-1pm $60

  • Quit Smoking Oct 10
  • Weight loss Oct 17
  • First workshop 50% off

I hope you enjoy my blog. It will give you a new look at how to have a better day.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist Novato CA



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