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People say that we only use a small portion of our mind. Self Hypnosis allows you to use more anytime anywhere. Look at some of the possibilities below.

  • Getting up in morning
  • Driving to wherever
  • starting work, gym, studying, coming home
  • Taking a break at work
  • To get energized at work, gym, etc
  • To get focused
  • To get stress relief
  • To deal with cravings
  • To get insight and answers
  • Sports
  • More peace & joy
  • Anytime Anywhere

The posts in this blog give detailed steps to do the above.

Self hypnosis brings your Inner Mind (subconscious) into your awareness. It’s a natural process. For example, basketball players use self hypnosis while playing. They don’t call it that. Their conscious mind can not think fast enough to do all those maneuvers while the Inner Mind thinks lightning fast. They practice and train their Inner Mind to win the game. They get in the zone, pumped up or whatever they call it now. Their Inner Mind takes over and scores.

Your awareness can be a mixture of conscious and Inner Mind. It does not have to be one or the other. For example you can be driving and hear a special song from your younger days and get warm fuzzy memories flood into your awareness from your Inner Mind. With a Hypnotist it might be 10% conscious and 90% Inner Mind. For self hypnosis it might be 80% conscious and 20% Inner Mind. For self hypnosis you don’t need to go into deep hypnosis just an opening. The audio tracks take you deeper.


I teach 4 kinds: relax relax, peace, strong and audio tracks. Self hypnosis brings your Inner Mind (subconscious) into your awareness. You don’t have to go deep. A light state is fine. This allows you to make adjustments during your day to get motivated, stop cravings, work faster, play sports better, do better on college exams whatever anytime anywhere.

Self hypnosis is easy to learn but it takes time. The posts will explain more and show you when and how to use it. Especially good are the posts on “How Mind Works”. You can do so much with it. It can work wonders.

relax relax

See feel a wave of relaxation flow from the top of your head down thru your whole body. To start just imagine a wave of relaxation starting at the top of your head and flowing down thru your whole body. This is especially good when tense, under stress or having a craving.


Say to yourself:
My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace.
My chest and stomach are at peace.
My back and heart are at peace.
I am at peace.
And feelings of peace come over me.


Say to yourself:
My shoulders, arms and hands are strong.
My chest and stomach are strong.
My back and heart are strong.
I am strong
And feelings of strength come over me.


They are powerful when used on a daily basis. there are 2 types: ‘outloud’ & ‘relax’. Outloud keeps you in normal conscious so you can listen anytime anyplace. The relax tracks take you into deeper self hypnosis. You need to sit or lie down in a quiet area or use headphones. They are short 7-10 minutes long. There are 5 sets of both.

  • Quit Smoking
  • Weight Loss
  • Reach Goals
  • Stress
  • Get Buffed

REACH YOUR GOALS   ‘outloud’




Picture a toolbox and a handy man. When he needs to pound a nail he takes out a hammer. Now picture a toolbox full of self hypnosis tools. When a person is tempted to eat sweets he can pull out a tool to not eat them. When he need motivation to work out he uses a tool to get motivated. Whatever he needs.

See posts for more on Self Hypnosis Tools. Thanks Garry


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