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Get started, get moving, get there sooner with this blog. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area attend a private session and get there fast & easier. Hypnosis will get you motivated, let go of any blocks and stay on track to your goal or change.


Hypnosis puts you in a suggestive state where you can get motivated, let go of blocks, get insight & answers,  get strength & peace, and help you stay on tracks. For all the details click on “How The Inner Mind Works” category above this page

Many people wonder what happens at a hypnosis private session or workshop. Maybe they have seen a stage show or seen some movies with Hypnosis in it. I hope this will give you a better idea. This blog will explain a lot of the theory and give great details about how to reach goals and make changes. This page will give you an idea of what happens during a session or workshop. Hypnosis is best experienced with a Hypnotist.


  1. We meet and greet each other.
  2. We talk about your goal or change you want to make.
  3. I give you a brief lecture on how Hypnosis works and answer all your questions.
  4. 15 minute hypnosis session
  5. We set your goal and build a GoalSheet.
  6. We go into a second hypnosis for about 15 minutes.
  7. Answer any question. Suggestions. Maybe some homework. Free CD with audio tracks. Make another appointment if you want.
  8. Sessions last about 60 minutes.


  1.  You will be sitting in a comfortable chair. If someone saw you they would think you were sleeping. However you will not be sleeping. You can yawn, scratch, whatever you want.
  2. You can talk. Answer questions. I also use finger signals. “Move a finger on your right hand when an insight comes”.
  3. You are aware. You are not unconscious. You become more aware of your Inner World of memories, feelings, habits, imagination, creativity and emotions. You also have access to insight about why you do something. You can receive answers to questions like “What can I do about this?”
  4. Your imagination comes alive. You can take an imaginary vacation to Maui or wherever you want.
  5. It is very relaxing. When I ask people how it was after hypnosis they all mention how relaxing it is.
  6. A Hypnotist gives you beneficial suggestions which you can accepts or ignore. Some people accept suggestions easily while others take longer. The people who accepts suggestions easily go deeper into hypnosis sooner.
  7.  It is safe. A part of your Mind is watching out for you and can simply ignore suggestions.


  1. I give you positive suggestions like You can lose weight”.
  2. I ask questions. What was going on? What could you do instead of eating sweets?
  3. Remove doubts, cravings, whatever is holding you back.
  4. Inspire & Motivate. Within you is a fire of desire to reach your goal. See feel this desire grow stronger.
  5. Reflect. Take a moment to reflect on what you learned.
  6. Have fun. Take an imaginary trip to Maui or wherever you want to go.
  7. Give suggestions for peace and strength.

Garry Waligore Hypnotherapist   Novato CA


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