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Weight Loss

How will you feel after losing 10 pounds?

It’s tough losing weight. Day after day, week after week watching what you eat. Having cravings attack you. Having to fight them off. Trying to stay motivated. Many people start by joining a weight loss program. Others use their own way to lose. Many reach their goal weight. Many give up. Hypnosis offers you a fast and easier way – a JumpStart. After this you will be ready and eager to follow any weight loss program or your own one. There is hope.

This blog will help you:

  • Get super motivated
  • Stop Cravings
  • End the struggle with eating
  • Stay on track
  • Reach your goal weight.

Live in the San Francisco Bay Area?  Get a JumpStart on your weight loss program by attending a private session. Garry’s Hypnosis Weight Loss Program works with any weight loss program. It will supplement your program. It takes 1-4 private sessions to get a JumpStart. Boosters to help you stay on track are always available.

Private Session  – 75 minutes of powerful hypnosis. $120 – first session 50% off – $60

Weight Loss Workshop Saturday Sept 9 – 11am-1:30pm – $60 

Garry Waligore Hypnotherapist   Novato CA



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