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Goals – Set Your Goal

By on December 31, 2017

The first thing is to set a specific goal. You have to know where you want to go. It helps to make it positive, personal, measurable and possible. Some goals are easy and some are hard. We need to remove whatever is holding us back and get super motivated. So let us start with setting our goal.


  • I am under 200 pounds
  • I wear a size 8 dress
  • I get an ‘A’ in my Math class
  • I bench press 225 pounds
  • I earn $200 today (commission for sales person)
  • My stress turns into peace and strength
  • I finish writing chapter 7

On a piece of paper write down your goal. Write down the costs of giving up or not making it. Then write down the benefits of reaching your goal. Ask yourself: “How will I feel when I reach my goal? Plan out and write down some practical steps you need to do to get there. Now imagine yourself reaching your goal. Plus continue listening to the audio tracks.


Many times it helps to break up your goal into mini goals. For example, if your goal is to get an ‘A’ for your Math class your mini goals can be to to get an ‘A’ on next Mondays test and then get an ‘A’ on your midterm or simply to read Chapter 7 and do the homework. This means less stress and you get feelings of success and confidence.

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I was born and raised in the Detroit area. I am a veteran. I became a Hypnotist in 1983. Ormond McGill was a big influence on me. Quit smoking and weight loss are my biggest areas. Currently I am developing a self hypnosis gym workout and updating my audio tracks. My favorite TV show is 'Smallville' reruns. Girlfriend Molly, Dog Chloe, Cat Simon.


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