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Goals – Dealing With Triggers

By on December 27, 2017

Anytime anywhere we can be bombarded with excuses, stress, cravings, doubts, tiredness, to not complete a practical step. Sometimes we win and complete the step and sometimes we don’t. There is hope. We can stop them and the Self Hypnosis Tools will help. You will get motivated, stop the excuses, and complete the step.

Today we look at how we can stop the trigger when they come up. It can take time. It’s taken us years to build these bad habits up and it may take some time to stop them. Over a period of time they will get weaker and weaker until they are just thoughts occasionally popping into our head which we can easily brush aside. In the future they may surface again so watch out for them.

  1. Make a Plan – For example when a basketball game is going to come on during your study time keep the tv off and….
  2. Watch Out – Many times we just don’t realize it when an excuse comes up we just automatically skip the necessary practical step.
  3. Ask yourself:  1. What’s going on? I want to watch the basketball game or I am not going to do well on my Math exam.
  2What can I do?  Listen to audio track. Or Say #1 below. Find what works for you.

Do the above when an excuses, stress, cravings, doubts, whatever to stop you from completing your practical step. We want to find your triggers and then let go of them and complete you step by following the above outline. Below are a number of ‘What can I do’ actions. Maybe make up a few of your own. Once you find a few actions you can turn it into a habit. Then you can stop asking the above questions if you want and just go right to it.


Do I want to get an “A’ on my Math exam?
By studying I have a better chance of getting an ‘A’
Use a squeeze ball
Listen to an audio track
The SignPost – See future if you don’t get an ‘A’. See future getting an ‘A’.
Go into the study room
Just sit down and open book
Daydream about your goal
Talk to someone
Say PEP talk
Set a specific time and how much
Give yourself a reward when done.
Use Strong Self Hypnosis
Come up with your own ways based on your goal. This will help you greatly.

Make A Plan – For example during your day look at your nails and think about why you want to quit.
Watch Out –
For example, watch out for your hand going to your mouth
Try this before or after.
Say: STOP – then
a. Think of all the bad stuff that can happen when you bite your nails
b. Think of all the good stuff that will happen when you quit

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I was born and raised in the Detroit area. I am a veteran. I became a Hypnotist in 1983. Ormond McGill was a big influence on me. Quit smoking and weight loss are my biggest areas. Currently I am developing a self hypnosis gym workout and updating my audio tracks. My favorite TV show is 'Smallville' reruns. Girlfriend Molly, Dog Chloe, Cat Simon.


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