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Holiday Weight Loss – Nov 5

By on November 9, 2016

I have daily Holiday Weight Loss tips on my google+ page. Each week I will post a week of them. Follow me at

HOLIDAY WEIGHT LOSS – The Holidays are coming! Many people gain weight during the Holidays. Some lose weight. Do you have a plan? Let’s start by visualizing seeing yourself go thru the Holidays losing a few pounds and being OK. Because you don’t have to binge to have a good time you can lose weight and still have a good time. Tomorrow we will start our plan.

HOLIDAY WEIGHT LOSS  – Let’s set a goal for the Holidays. Because their are so many temptations during them I would recommend your goal to be ‘I lose weight. You also want to have a joyous holiday season and it may be unrealistic to say ‘I will lose 10 pounds’. Let’s have fun and see how much we lose.

HOLIDAY WEIGHT LOSS – Food Plan 1 – Because these are just tips you can make up your own food plan. To lose weight you need to eat less. This is the basis of a food plan. What is a food plan? It’s just a list of foods you can eat and the max quantity you can eat. The first step is to become aware of what you eat and how much. Before you eat something take a good look at it and make a mental note of it. After eating how much did you eat? We want to get a feeling for what we are eating and how much. This is the start of our food plan.

HOLIDAY WEIGHT LOSS – Food Plan 2 Because you will be going to parties and family dinners you might to set a plan for them. My own plan is I can eat as much as I want on Thanksgiving and Christmas. At parties I can have some treats but a reasonable amount.

A side benefit is that when I am tempted to eat today I can say that I can eat as much as I want on Thanksgiving. I wonder how much weight I will lose by Thanksgiving?

Here is a simple mental exercise. Sit or lie down. Clear your head. See Thanksgiving in the near future. Next see feel yourself going day to the next day eating less treats (junk food) and eating healthier food until you reach Thanksgiving. We have 3 weeks until Thanksgiving day and that gives you time to be eating the right amount to lose weight, to be motivated and lessen any desires to eat. Wake up Thanksgiving day excited about losing weight.

HOLIDAY WEIGHT LOSS – Food Plan 3 Let’s look at foods we could eliminate or strictly reduce. The first one is sugar. Can you eat a cookie without really wanting to eat another. If so you may want to skip eating cookies, any treats with sugar. There are plenty of treats that don’t have or have little sugar in them. Try them. If you have a sugar problem you can severely restrict and perhaps in the future you can eat cookies again.

HOLIDAY WEIGHT LOSS – Food Plan 4 Strategy – A good strategy is to slowly eat less, add healthier food and eat less junk food. It takes time to adjust. Also your food plan can evolve and you can add or eliminate foods whenever you want. By Thanksgiving you could be on a good food plan to lose weight and by New Year’s you will have lost some weight and ready to go full steam to reach your goal weight.

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