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Reach Goals#5 – Self Hypnosis Tools

By on July 12, 2016

Picture a tool box. Instead of a hammer and nails you have self hypnosis tools. Tools to be strong, tools to stop the cravings, tools to get answers, tools to get motivated and to stay on track. You can use one whenever you want or need one. Tools for work, school, home, gym, goals, stress, and weight loss. Good Anytime Anywhere.

First we need to learn more about the Mind. Each part of the Inner Mind has ++++’s and – – – -‘s. Positive good memories and negative bad memories. Positive good habits and negative bad habits. And so on. For weight loss and quit smoking these can be very strong. For other goals they may not be. For most they probably started long ago and just get stronger as you got older. Negatives can come from bad childhood experiences, money problems, family problems, stress, anger, disappointments, health plus others.


Inner Mind (subconscious) –  Memories, Habits, Emotions, Imagination, Creativity, Fun plus more


Conscious Mind – The Director, Critical Thinking, Willpower plus more.

Unconscious – Deep level, Unknown

Decision Making – This is part Conscious and part Inner Mind. Many times one wins.


The Inner Mind lacks critical thinking so it can not tell if something is true or false. It just balances the ++++’s against the – – – -‘s. If the ++++ ‘s are stronger the Inner Mind will send you strength, peace, confidence, joy, love, fun, inspiration . It will do everything it can to help you reach your goal sooner. For more details see the ‘How Mind Works’ posts.


If the – – – -‘s are stronger it will send you weakness, doubts, stress, cravings, tiredness, bad memories. It will do everything to stop you from reaching your goal.


What we need to do is add ++++’s and remove the – – – -‘s. To lessen the cravings and remove whatever is holding you back. And to get super motivated. The Tools are here to do this anytime anywhere. The Posts will introduce Tools as we go along. Follow these Posts and you will reach your goal sooner. Continue listening to the audio tracks and reading your Goalsheet in the morning.

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I was born and raised in the Detroit area. I am a veteran. I became a Hypnotist in 1983. Ormond McGill was a big influence on me. Quit smoking and weight loss are my biggest areas. Currently I am developing a self hypnosis gym workout and updating my audio tracks. My favorite TV show is ‘Smallville’ reruns. Girlfriend Molly, Dog Chloe, Cat Simon.


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