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Weight Loss – Change Your Attitude

By on March 25, 2016

How will you feel when you lose 10 pounds?


Many people eat sweets/overeat because of stress, doubts, worries, being tired, yelling kids and simply because they like the taste. It diffuses the feelings coming up. It becomes a habit and an attitude towards eating. While eating should be satisfying and enjoyable it’s purpose is to nourish your body. Change your attitude toward eating to the purpose of eating is to nourish my body.


I had to lose 63 pounds. It wasn’t until I lost 35 pounds did I realize for sure that I was going to make it. Work hard on removing the doubts ( see post on removing doubts). Change from it’s possible to I might to I can to I believe to I know.


We want to go from seeing ourselves as an overweight person who eats too many sweets and overeats to a person who eats good healthy meals and is at their goal weight. We want to change how we see ourselves. The eating sweets/overeat and being overweight is part of your past. Something we did in the past and we no longer do. We want to do this at a deep level.

Part of our Past Exercise

Say out loud or to myself peace self hypnosis.
My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace.
My chest and stomach are at peace.
My back is at peace. I am at peace.
See a picture of myself overweight. See myself moving forward in time leaving behind the overweight me.
Say: Being overweight is part of my past. Something I did in the past.
I am a person at my goal weight and will stay there.
It’s Over!
See feel yourself at your goal weight.


Make a list of all the excuses you could use to not lose weight. Now go thru each one and cross out. There are no excuses for you to stay overweight.


A new person is emerging within you. A person who wants to reach and stay at their goal weight. See feel this person growing within you. Perhaps visualize a new you growing inside your chest getting ready to emerge. The audio tracks do a lot of this.

Continue listening to the audio tracks and read your Goalsheet.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist   Novato CA


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I was born and raised in the Detroit area. I am a veteran. I became a Hypnotist in 1983. Ormond McGill was a big influence on me. Quit smoking and weight loss are my biggest areas. Currently I am developing a self hypnosis gym workout and updating my audio tracks. My favorite TV show is 'Smallville' reruns. Girlfriend Molly, Dog Chloe, Cat Simon.


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