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By on March 14, 2016

I was overweight. I hated being overweight. I would look in the mirror and see how big I was. My pants were size 44. I could cry. Everyday I was bombarded with cravings to eat sweets/overeat. I struggled to overcome them. Sometimes I won and didn’t eat but many times I ended up eating. It just kept going on and on. I was 67 years old. I weighed 248 pounds. It took me over a year to lose 58 pounds. I focused on getting fit and eating healthy. I worked out hard at the gym. Today I am fit and looking good. Garry Waligore

There is hope for you. You can stop these desires/cravings from attacking. You can win the battle around food. At the same time you can get super motivated. With this combination you can start losing weight fast & easier until you reach your goal weight. Imagine no more cravings and being super motivated. Imagine waking up in the morning excited about losing weight. This course will take you one step at a time to your goal weight.

What’s holding us back? We love to eat ice cream, cookies and chips. Over our lifetime we have learned to deal with a number of emotional issues by eating. We have developed habits around food. When an emotional issues comes up we eat to diffuse it. For example, when you don’t have enough money to pay a bill you might get stressed and eat cookies. What’s important is that these desires and doubts are coming from your Inner Mind and not from some mysterious place. And there are ways to get rid of them. There is hope.


  • Make a plan
  • Get super motivated
  • Stop doubts, excuses and cravings
  • Build Confidence
  • Stay on track

When you are super motivated it becomes easy to brush aside any doubts and cravings which means you wake up excited and confident about losing weight. Here’s help to lose weight. This online course is free. I developed this course over a period of 30 years as a Hypnotist. I really made progress on it while losing all that weight. This online course deals with the mental part of losing weight. You can use it with any other Weight Loss Program you want. Each Post is written to help remove the cravings and get you super motivated.


They are powerful and will help you get motivated and stop the cravings. They are short 2-10 minutes and on my blog so you can listen most anytime anywhere. You can find them at Category “Audio Tracks” or “Weight Loss” up above in the black strip or to the upper right in the green area. You can listen on your phone on my blog most anywhere anytime for support. I recommend you listen to the three mp3 audio tracks once or more a day which will take about 20 minutes altogether.


If you can I suggest you read one post a day in any order you want which will take 5-10 minutes. As you go thru them you will begin to notice the cravings getting less and your motivation getting stronger. You will begin to replace your bad eating habits with good ones. You will lose weight.

  • mp3 Audio Tracks
  • Get Started
  • How Did I Gain So Much Weight
  • Weight Loss Formula
  • Make A Plan
  • Food Plan
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Set Goal
  • The Goalsheet
  • Change Attitude
  • Visualizations
  • The SignPost
  • Removing Doubts
  • Stop Excuses
  • Learn Triggers
  • End Cravings
  • Get Answers
  • PEP Talk
  • Before Eating
  • Self Hypnosis Tools
  • Stay On Track

Have questions email me. You can lose weight! Good Luck

Garry Waligore Hypnotist  Novato CA

I was born and raised in the Detroit area. I am a veteran. I became a Hypnotist in 1983. Ormond McGill was a big influence on me. Quit smoking and weight loss are my biggest areas. Currently I am developing a self hypnosis gym workout and updating my audio tracks. My favorite TV show is 'Smallville' reruns. Girlfriend Molly, Dog Chloe, Cat Simon.


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