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Quit Smoking – Day 2

By on September 21, 2014

It’s time to get motivated. Motivation is based on giving yourself positive suggestions during your day. They take from a few seconds to 8 minutes for an audio track. We start with The Goalsheet. Read it in the morning. It contains what you need to start your day focused on quitting and what’s important. Take a sheet of paper or do it on your computer.


MY GOAL  I quit smoking

START DATE  Sep 21 Put in todays date     

CIGS SMOKED  10  13  5    write in how many cigs you smoked that day


1.    write in here                                           1.

2.                                                                      2.

3.                                                                      3.


Quitting smoking is tough. At this point you may think you can’t quit. You can’t do it. Millions have quit and you can to. Start believing that you can. Say to yourself: “I can quit smoking” many times during your day. Following is an audio track to help you believe. You need to sit or lie down in a quiet area or use headphones. It takes 8 minutes.

I BELIEVE – audio track ‘relax’


This one is powerful. Imagine yourself going down the path of your life. Look back upon your life as a smoker. Now see a signpost up ahead with 2 paths. The path to the left is the path of continuing to smoke. Look down this path and see feel your future as a smoker. The path to the right is the path of being a nonsmoker. Look down this path and see feel your future as a nonsmoker. Afterwards repeat: I can quit smoking. Can take less than 5 seconds.

You can use this whenever you want. Especially good when you are tempted to smoke. You can also use peace self hypnosis if you have time. Sit or lie down in a quiet area. Say to yourself

  • My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace.
  • My chest and stomach are at peace.
  • My back and heart are at peace.
  • I am at peace.
  • Then imagine the signpost script.


Before you smoke give yourself beneficial suggestions. Just say them or think them before you smoke. Come up with your own pep talk. It can be just a few lines such as ‘I can quit’ twice. Here are samples.

  • Smoking sucks.
  • I can quit smoking.
  • My desire to quit is growing stronger.
  • I want to quit.
  • I will quit.
  • Benefits of quitting
  • Costs of smoking


Daydream about the day you quit. See feel all the things that will improve your life happening in your mind. You can also use peace self hypnosis. Sit or lie down. Say to yourself.

  • My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace.
  • My chest and stomach are at peace.
  • My back and heart are at peace.
  • I am at peace.
  • See feel the day you quit.
  • See your future as a nonsmoker.


Continue listening to both audio tracks at least once a day (6-9 minutes each). Read your goalsheet in the morning (10 seconds). Listen to the ‘I Believe’ track. Do The Signpost whenever you want. Say the PEP Talk before you smoke. Do a Visualization whenever you want. What we are doing is putting positive beneficial suggestions into our Inner Mind (subconscious) which will get us motivated and ready to quit. The more you do this the sooner you will quit. NOTE: At this point you can still smoke. You can quit anytime you are ready.

Thanks Garry


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